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She named Tallahassee!

Octavia (Walton) Le Vert (1811-1877)

Our first Women’s History Month Florida Trailblazer is the lady who named Florida’s Capital!

Two hundred years ago, on 13 March 1824, Territorial Governor William P. Duval issued a proclamation stating the location chosen for the capital as being at the deserted fields in then Gadsen County on the old Spanish Road. The Proclamation was issued by Florida Secretary George Walton, Jr., son of George Walton, Sr. – a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Tallahassee was named, says Appleton’s Cyclopedia, by Octavia (Walton) LeVert, daughter of Geroge Walton, Jr. Octavia (1811-1877), an Alabama resident, was the first-ever Alabama author to achieve National acclaim. She was also the first Vice-Regent of Alabama for the Mount Vernon Ladies Association.

Appleton's Cyclopedia

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