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Mystery & Intrigue

In His Brother's Memory

5 STARS by a Goodreads Member

PARIS had never been on his bucket-list despite repeated urging by his brother. A Sunday phone call however turns the world of Dennis Lynch upside down. Three days later the Orlando reporter is in France, hoping to find answers as to why Jonathan’s lifeless body had been pulled from the River Seine.

Why did a vacationing Atlanta school teacher die while in the city of light and romance? That’s what Dennis Lynch wanted to know. But all alone in a foreign country, unable to speak the language, he is suddenly confronted with more questions than answers. How had his brother arrived in Paris? Was Jonathan Lynch actually on a vacation? Did Dennis know, the police inquired, if anyone might have wanted Jonathan dead?

As luck might have it, Dennis happens upon English speaking Paris reporters eager to assist. Even their motives however soon become suspect. Stranded in a foreign country, entangled in a web of deceit that somehow includes a U. S. Senator, Dennis Lynch, no longer able to trust anyone, must pull himself together, come up with a plan, and save both himself and the mysterious Jacqueline.

In His Brother’s Memory: A Novel packed full of mystery and intrigue, a story inspired by a true life experience.

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