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The 1838 Fort Mellon to Fort Gatlin dirt military trail, 28 miles in length, became the First Road to Orlando in 1856 when a village of Orlando was established at Mile 22 of that trail. Released in 2015 as a Second Edition, First Road to Orlando has three Parts. Part One - War to War, details how the military trail of the Second Indian War was then used as an inland bound highway for the first settlers until the Civil War. Part Two - Trail of Retired Warriors, reveals how Veterans of the Union and Confederate armies became homesteaders, neighbors, town builders, civic leaders, and even friends in the aftermath of the War. Part Three - The Naming of Orlando, explores a half dozen versions as to how Orlando was named, and then offers a new one - the most sensible of     

ORLANDO Books by R. L. Cronin

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An Illustrated Encyclopedia of 303 HISTORIC central Florida lakes

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